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Saturday, June 17, 2006
Alright!! After lots of haans and naas and great deal of confusion, me decided to follow the brotherhood and start blogging!! Waise tho, not a person with a great flair for writing, but all one can do is try, so here I come!!

hmmm..what does one post in their first blog? for one who never had difficulty dishing out crap, it is ironical that I am kinda stuck with what to put in here. so I'll start with why I am here, I decided to give blogging a shot when a friend of mine suggested, "why don't you start blogging?" and I said to meself "why the hell not!". and here I am... Though suffering from a temporary relapse of words shortage... I thought I will start blogging today.

My blog will be more like a journal - work schedule/ personal / social responsiblities permitting - to record a few moments of my life, so that years later, they might revive memories..hopefully all good ones. So, if you have just stumbled across this blog, welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy the ride!

Music of the moment : Chand Sifarish from Fanaa, initially wasn't a striker.... but guess its kinda growing on me, been listening for almost the whole day, go figure!!

Pearl of wisdom : Man Plans...God Laughs.. (sounds quite philosophical nai, I know)

Book I am currently reading : Die Trying by Lee Child (If you r after some action, this one is for you)
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