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All WORK and NO PLAY!!
Friday, September 19, 2008

Well.. that’s the story of my life these days….Life is busier than ever, super busy with work, busy juggling the social calendar and did I mention I am doing some papers at the business school, yeah I know.. I too amaze myself sometimes :)….As the weekdays are a bit overstuffed lately, weekends seem to me like a lifeboat and I try boarding without many plans as I occasionally like my weekends vague and empty. Anu has another outlook altogether on weekends and what to do with them. He likes to jam in as much as possible into fragile weekends and I can only look on in awe.

The nine year old is, well let’s say he’s quite into all. I look across at him sometimes, sitting next to me in the couch or walking with me alongside and I begin to see a hint of the teenager that is yet to come. Staring at his own horizon, thinking I can’t imagine what and looking.. well, older let‘s say. It’s the last thing a sentimental mum like me needs to see, I am someone who always wish kids to stay at a certain age forever, like a character from the Simpsons or something. But I guess it isn’t to be. Your children all grow bigger and older around you, leaving you feeling small at times, that is how it’s meant to go, I suppose (sigh!!)…

Yay!!! Spring is here….after the doom and gloom of winter, my favourite season is upon us at last and my spirits are instantly lifted. As spring flowers raise their heads all around you, Sun god decides to make more frequent visits, so yeah all great and bright things on the way….I honestly believe that this year is racing at an amazing jet pace, can you believe daylight saving starts next week? tell you what, I am certainly looking forward for the longer evenings.

Well, that’s about it from me. Might make a cuppa and see if I can make anymore headway with the mountain of Ironing I got to do… Hang on, phone ringing. Oh gosh, must dash – I totally forgot about something important I had to...More in next...


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In a Perfect World -
Thursday, July 24, 2008

....You could actually sleep in without worrying to get to work on time
....You could have great hair without the need of a blow dry
....You could work for 4 hours a day and get paid like the CEO of a multi national!
...You could live on chocolates, cakes and ice creams without ever putting on weight!
....You could drive around in the poshest car without a drivers license
....You could sit by the beach and watch the sunrise and sunset everyday (I Should stop watching Home and Away)

And aww it was my b'day on 17th July. In a perfect world, ideally should've posted something...oh well!…Whatever!


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Aaj Ke Daur Mein Ai Dost...
Thursday, July 03, 2008

aaj ke daur me.n ai dost ye ma.nzar kyuu.N hai
zaKhm har sar pe har ik haath me.n patthar kyuu.N hai
Daur: Age, Course, Reign Manzar: Aspect, Outlook, Visage

jab haqiiqat hai ke har zarre me.n tuu rahataa hai
phir zamii.n par kahii.n masjid kahii.n ma.ndir kyuu.N hai
Haqiiqat: Truth, Reality Zarra: Grain, Speck, Minute Particle

apanaa a.njaam to maaluum hai sab ko phir bhii
apanii nazaro.n me.n har insaan sika.ndar kyuu.N hai
Anjaam: Conclusion, Consequence Sikandar: Alexander the Great, Emperor

zindagii jiine ke qaabil hii nahii.n ab "Faakir"
varnaa har aa.Nkh me.n ashko.n kaa sama.ndar kyuu.N hai
Qaabil: Competent, Deserving Ashk: Tears Samandar: Ocean


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In case you were wondering..
Friday, June 20, 2008
Alright here I am, yeah I know that I have been a lazy girl of late and have been wallowing in guilt about that.. I still think of blogging and blog in my head all the time. Ok, I made up the blog in my head bit but I still think of the blog! Promise! To be fair it wasn’t just sheer laziness, I was ridiculously, CRAZILY busy at work and fuel to fire is the social calendar, which has been bursting at the seams lately and there is also this outbreak of leavedo’s at work, the other day we took a colleague out for lunch and managed to terrify a restaurant full of innocent people in the process, it was fun believe me :)

Now that I got the formalities bit out of my way :)....Is it my imagination or are the days really going faster?? Winter appears to be passing by faster than I thought and at this rate it might even slip by before me enjoying the chance to hibernate a little….think about it, family snuggling in front of the television while its cold and bleak outside, in the cosy living room with garam cup of chai and snacks to chomp on… ahhh a perfect clichéd MasterCard(priceless) moment, right? Here’s hoping I get to enjoy one of those days pretty soon…As the old saying goes, sometimes we need to stop and smell the roses, I suppose a sanity check always helps, just taking a step back and taking stock of where we’re at with our lives and ourselves. Life is precious and short and I think it is up to us to make the most of it…

And here is some wisdom from Garfield, I just LOVE this guy, he is full of humour and quite a classy one may I add..


Ok gotta go and finish some work before I say Ciao to the week…more in next…


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Garfield says it all..
Thursday, May 22, 2008

Need I say more??? Nah.. don't think so...


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