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The Weekend!
Monday, August 07, 2006
Had a gr8 weekend and a BUZZY one may I add..what did I do?, you ask..
watched two movies on Saturday -
went to Village Sky city cinemas at St Lukes to watch the Wicked, Over the Hedge..
Over the hedge
Remember the phrase "Not in my backyard?" Well, not this time. That’s exactly where Over The Hedge takes place. The movie is a charming tale filled with fantastic characters who will make you chuckle and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s a simple story made special by the charcters. The dialogues are sharp, especially as Raccoon pointing to a gas-guzzling four wheeler, tells the innocent tribe(a cautious tortoise, a porcupine family, a possum father and daughter, a glamourous lady skunk and a hyperactive squirrel) "Humans ride in them because they are slowly losing their ability to walk." and he also educates them saying we animals eat to live where as the humans live to eat....Hee Hee

The raccoon (voiced by Bruce Willis), a wily rodent always on the lookout for the main chance and when he gets a shot at snaffling Vincent the bear’s huge stash of hibernation grub, what happens? He blows it. And Vincent insists on some serious reparation, within a week - or the raccoon gets it. Raccoon is biting his claws and tearing out his fur until he discovers an innocent band of just-out-of-hibernation furry folk. Under the raccoon's leadership, the animals go "over the hedge" (well, more like through it, actually) into the big, nasty human world to bring back all the junk food they can find.

Top talent, all may I add. they’ll make you laugh. One of the best animated film,so don't miss it

The second flick - 36 China Town
china town
Things I hate about Hindi Music currently ..
1. Himesh Reshamaiyya
2. Himesh Reshamaiyya
3. Himesh Reshamaiyya.

There’s nothing much to crow about this movie, neither there is anything to laugh about, but yes, there is certainly something to cry about - I want my 4 dollars back...

The movie begins with the murder of Mrs Sonia Chang, yeah she is a Indian and owns a mansion and a casino. However, before the murder, Shahid & Kareena Kapoor happen to chance upon the kidnapped baby of Mrs Chang. The baby apparently has a tag of a few lakhs attached to it. So a glamour starved Shahid and a runaway Kareena decide to give the baby back to Mrs Chang and collect the booty. And they thus stumble upon the dead body of Mrs Chang. It seems that others too had visited the mansion and stumbled on a dead Mrs Chang and left a lot of clues for the police ( Akshayee Khanna )to point the needle of suspicion in their direction. So two fat men(Paresh Rawal and Johnny Lever) with their pretty wives, Shahid & Kareena, a flirt in the casino – Upen Patel and a drunkard apart from others are in the hot-list of suspects.

There are enough efforts at trying to make people laugh. Some of it is worth a guffaw or two but however the movie lacks in vigour and strength. Akshayee Khanna disappoints as a police inspector and Upen Patel as a stand-in flirt.

So then the big question is, who’d murdered Mrs Chang ? Was it Johnny Lever & Co who carry the dead body in a suitcase thinking its loaded with money? Or is it Paresh Rawal who’s lost everything in one night-out at the casino or is it their jealous wives ? Or is it the drunkard that Shahid & Kareena meet on their way to Mrs Chang with her kidnapped boy , or is it Shahid & Kareena themselves ! ?

Sounds like an edge of the seat murder mystery !.. Well its not !

We were invited to Aman & Ishi's B'day Party Lunch - Needless to say there was some great food, mouth-watering cakes etc. Relished the food in great company and ofcourse giving in to greed and unable to resist, listening to my tummy indulged in generous helpings..*Gee!* Life is too short to miss out on all the goodness *especially the good food!!! ;)* Wot say?!

Man, this post is a marathon one..
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