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Monday, July 03, 2006
-Praying.... that it is all going to be good, aaj ..kal ..and aanewala kal....fingers crossed.

-Disappointed…….what happened? Brazil lost to France in the Quarter Finals of Soccer World Cup, being the last world cup for Ronaldo, I wanted Ronaldo & Co. to play the finals. France enjoyed total supremacy and were the deserved winners but…….I’m so disappointed (who had imagined a 34-year-old would rise from the ashes to send the defending champions packing??)

-Bored……despite of some many things happening, each time I sit in front of the TV I’m bored beyond words….even programmes which were interesting to me, are now a bore……..

-Worried…..each time I have to do an Induction.. Oh Gawd! I have to do a presentation of 2 1/2 hrs this Friday and already I’m a little worried.

-Concerned…….about the cold weather here.. Yeah.. it was and is really, really cold and official records confirmed it saying the coldest June since 1972...

- Hoping..... for a not soo cold tomorrow..

-Busy(and bored at the same time?? Well that’s me.) I have lots of stuff to complete at work ….And I’m having couple of days off so just having nightmares about the increased work pile and an Inbox full of emails when I go back.

-Thinking about keeping my word and finishing the book " The Big Moo"

-Saying that’s all for now……till next time..
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