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Thursday, June 28, 2007
Hello to U

Watched Cheenikum and Metro.. two very different movies and I liked them both. Cheenikum is an ordinary love story with an extraordinary dosage of satirical humor, simplicity of the movie appealed to me the most and I am totally obsessed with the title track sung by Shreya Ghosal (sweetness, sensuality, tone – one gifted female) I must have heard it a zillion times already - it's ghooming in my ipod of mind and driving me nuts!!!
Life in a…Metro is more an exploration into relationships. It was a tad short of being truly impressive. It somehow did not add up to a sufficiently moving experience, the whole is not as good as the sum of the parts, nevertheless a good attempt. Shiney Ahuja deserved a more meaty role, was a bit disappointed to see soo little of him on the screen. Pritam's melodius composition surely made up for everything..it ROCKS!! My personal favourites are In Dino and Kar Salaam….

Do people really change, or do we remove the rose tinted glasses, or do we just learn more about them in time?? I suppose people can't keep up the facade forever…sigh!!! I have an amazing intuition about stuff, people, places and how things will transpire, don’t ask me how?? I just know... it is of an immense help, trust me..

Of late I have noticed a wee change in my outlook, I am almost certain that it is pessimism. I still smile and laugh a lot but only that a little bit of negativity is troubling me. Not sure why! There is some fear and sadness. I hope this phase will pass very soon and I will be back to being the eternal optimist who believes that Jo bhi hotha hai accha ke liye hotha hai! I wish I could have me back soon.. I really miss myself.

Kay Kay is GOD…...He has got an awesome voice and every time I hear to his “Kya mujhe pyaar hain?” It really makes me think and the answer, of course is blatantly obvious. His latest song in Raqeeb, Jaane Kaise only proves that he is the BEST!!

Greys Anatomy and Boston Legal are added to my list of guilty pleasures alongside Lemon Tarts and Chocolate Brownies. I miss watching cartoons..I don’t watch too many cartoons these days. I am pretty picky about what draws me to the couch, gotta watch Popeye this weekend..

Guess what!!! I have been soo busy in my own world, I even failed to acknowledge the fact that I have turned 1 on June 17th (atleast my blog did), sooo bad nai...anyhooo better late than never.. A belated Happy ding-dings to me and myself… Wow how time goes by...so far, blogging has been an awesome thing…Thank you so much to all who has dropped by with crits or encouraging comments. Time is something that isn't cheap and I appreciate that you choose to spend a little here :)


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  • At 3:50 PM, Blogger Beefybob7 said…

    Happy 1st Rajitha.

    Don't worry, it's the weather!
    It will soon pass, November or December.........

  • At 6:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hi rajitha,
    hey i too watched both these movies and like them a lot..both of them have a different outlook...
    Talking abt people changing,well i guess we have to leave it to time,coz we will defenitely learn more of them sooner or later...kaash mujhe bhi aise intution hote,then i wouldnt have faced circumstances wich i did a cpl of months back...anyways

    BTW happy 1st birthday...havent been here long,but enjoyed!!!
    keep it up..
    chow for now...

  • At 2:28 AM, Blogger me said…

    hi my smile millionaire!!

    hope to see this negative phase move away from ur life and we see our missing rajitha soon!

    n cheeni kum and metro are great movies...and their music too!!

    take care...

    hugs and lots of luv to u!!


  • At 12:31 PM, Anonymous abha said…

    COngrats for your blog's first birthday Rajitha ! I have enjoyed your blog right from the start, keep it up girl :-)

    Baaki toh samajh mein aaya par aap abhi tak 'people and changes' kyon soch rahe hain. i guess, sometimes people change and other times we make mistake in reading them in the first place.

    agree with Beefybob7, its the weather thats making you feel like this - Its weekend yaar ! why dont you come over to my place and we can have dinner, chai, gupshup and watch those remaining episodes of KBC together ( no talk of people and changing ! ) - that should cheer you up :-)what say ??

  • At 9:18 PM, Blogger All Smiles!! said…

    Thanks Bob!! I hope so.. November, December seem very far :)

    Hi Anonymous.. thanks for your kind words.. keep dropping by :)

    Hey Kavya!! I blame it on weather yaar. Hugs and love to you too :)

    Thanks Abha.. no more people talk..
    thanks for the yummiest Ginger Tea and everything :)

  • At 3:23 AM, Blogger Rauf said…

    My blog looks ancient ~All Smiles~
    Happy blog birthday.
    Not much into movies. Hardly watch any, i heard Hindi movies have improved quite a lot.

    people keep changing all the time. First impression lasts for ever. Pride makes us stick on to the first impression and we do our best to stuff the person in that box of first impression. For instance the first impression is bad, what ever the person does later on, may not impress you. Then sometimes people start showing true colours but as you rightly say we refuse to remove the pink glasses. The pink gets darker and darker(in most cases out of love). We ignore their true colours. Then one fine morning the glasses are broken. We stand there in a state of shock.

  • At 3:28 PM, Anonymous Chandra said…

    Hey Rajitha, Happy 1st Birthday. Hope you are feeling better now, Take care!

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