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Friday, March 07, 2008
I have been tagged by Abha to list 7 weird things about me…So, here are the seven.. yes, yes, they are many weird things about me, but for now let me stick with seven.


I am a neat freak…my wardrobe and draws are organised and tidy with neatly folded clothes. From time to time I re-fold all clothing in the wardrobe (even if they are already nicely folded) to keep them wrinkle free. Freaky??? Wait there’s more…my hangers must match and all have to be facing the same way.

I have these acute cravings for chocolate now and then and feel like I am going to faint if I don’t have it. I believe Chocolate is the instant fixer of bad moods, bad days, etc etc…..God bless the divine thing!!

I am very careful about my stuff and can’t stand it when people meddle with them. I am possessive about everything I possess. I hate it when people borrow stuff and never return them.

I think I am a person full of contradictions too… I am very emotional and mostly I think and act from my heart but again I am stone hearted at times…Forgive and Forget are the words I have trouble finding in my dictionary…. weird right???

I can totally switch off in the middle of conversations that are not worth lending an ear to and easily drift away into a different world, people keep wondering how can I be soo patient with all the hammering, well,…now the cat is out of the bag...yeah fine...I am not a nice person!

I am germophobic.. I wash my hands for god knows how many times a day….at work I have Hand sanitiser on my desk, once my hands are off the keyboard and mouse, I have to use it.

I can eat pretty fast, bcos I LOVE food u see but I cannot drink anything fast, be it coffee, tea, juice or even water, I drink very slowly in small sips, as if I am savouring every minute of it.

... well…..this is only a part of my weirdness.. and believe me people who are close to me have to put up with a lot more! :). I am not tagging anyone in particular but anyone who wish to join the weird lot, consider yourselves tagged..


posted by All Smiles!! @ 4:15 PM  
  • At 2:50 AM, Blogger Jyoti said…


    How dare to call all this weird..i think all thse are cute things about you ;)

  • At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Abha said…

    And I thought I knew all your wierdnesses but there was more ?? Good that I tagged you! hehehe..

    Thanks for taking up the tag, Rajitha. Enjoyed reading it :-)

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